How are Oats different from Muesli?

Oats and Muesli are both considered an extremely healthy cereal based food. While both have significant health benefits, there are some differences between the two

• Muesli is an uncooked cereal which is baked and is easy to chew and digest if soaked in some milk • Oats are grown from seeds and are crushed and flattened, and in some cases steamed or lightly cooked before being packaged. The point of interest is that All forms of Oats are 100% whole grain.
• It has nuts that provide proteins and omega 3 fatty acids along with potassium, vitamins E, C and B12 from fruits • They are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers and anti oxidants. Oats are richer in protein than Muesli. 100g of Oats contains 17gm pf Protein as compared to 12.9 gms for Muesli
• It is high in fiber and whole grains • Oats are higher in fiber than Muesli
• Muesli contains Gluten, which has been linked with Celiac Disease • Oats Protein is Avenalin, which is not linked with Celiac Disease
• Muesli also contains oil or butter, which is used to bind the ingredients together • Oats do not have any additional Oils or Butter. All fats are constituents of the grain itself
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