How is Olive Oil Made?

Workers knock the olives from trees using rake-like poles. Olives are then separated by plumpness, ripeness & overall quality.

They are stored for a short period of time so that they become warm enough for easy oil extraction.

Olives are then rinsed in cold water & then mashed between rollers/crushers to remove their stones. This process is called Milling.

The milled olives are transported to large vats, where slowly turning blades further mash them into a homogenized paste.

The oil is extracted by loading the paste into pressing bags that are stacked together in a hydraulic press. The piston “presses” the stack, extracting the oil into attactubes. The solid material remains inside the pressing bags. This is called Cold Pressing, as oil is extracted without heating the paste. This First Cold Pressed is called Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The solid paste that remains is run through several more presses to create lesser grades of oil, and also refined to create further inferior grades.

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