How is Peanut Butter made

Peanuts are harvested, and then cleaned, shelled, and graded for size
They are then dry roasted in large ovens
Dry Roasted peanuts are transferred to cooling machines, where they are cooled using cooling air drawn by suction fans

Making The Peanut Butter:
Cooled Peanuts are made to undergo blanching, i.e. removal of the skins Blanched peanuts undergo grinding, with or without salt, dextrose, and hydrogenated oil stabilizers (depending on whether or not it is 100% Natural)
Peanuts are kept under continuous pressure to protect the product from air bubbles
From the grinder, the peanut butter goes to a stainless steel hopper, which serves as an intermediate mixing and storage point.
The stabilized peanut butter is cooled in a rotating refrigerated cylinder before being sent for packaging

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